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Withdrwal_Rules of Meridian Academy

Here are the following rules for the payement of school fees :-

  1. The School Principal has the right to suspend or dismiss any student on disciplinary grounds or any reasons whatsoever, if such a step is found to be convincing in the interest of the school.
  2. Request for withdrawal must be made in writing to the Principal at least one month in advance from the date of seeking discontinuance of studies from the school.
  3. Mid-term withdrawals are not permitted. Parents seeking to withdraw their child in the middle of the session will be required to pay the fees of the entire academic session.
  4. Relaxation in withdrawal norms is however permitted, with permission of the School Management, in the case of job transfer of the parent(s) leading to relocation, or reasons beyond natural control.
  5. Such parents will have to pay the all fees till the month in which the application for T.C. is made or the month up to which the child continues studies in school; whichever is later.
  6. T.C. will be issued only after all dues pending against the ward are cleared.
  7. T.C. will be issued only after at least 3 working days upon receiving the request for the same or the date of discontinuance of studies of the child, whichever is later.
  8. A child’s name may be struck off the school rolls, on order of the Principal, on any of the following grounds:
  9. Instance of Indiscipline.
  10. Non-compliance to the school’s Rules and Regulations.
  11. Regular absenteeism or remaining absent, without prior permission, for three continuous weeks.
  12. Being detained in the same class twice. A child will not be allowed to repeat the same class for the third time.
  13. Non-payment of Fees.
  14. Any reason whatsoever, at the discretion of the Principal, if such a step is found to be convincing in the interest of the school.
  15. The student will be deemed to be on the school rolls till a withdrawal application has been received from the parent or the name has been struck off officially by order of the Principal.

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