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The school has a library enriched with classics , works of fiction , Autobiographies of great personalities , Science and Technology Periodicals, Journals , Related to History , Culture , Exploration , along with almost all national and local dailies. The Library provides complete Material on almost all spheres of activities.

Computer Education

The school has a state- of the- computer lab , well equiped with latest gadgets , to impart computer education under proficient professionals


School provides bus facilities for all the students from almost every part of the District at a reasonable transpotation fee.

Science Lab

There is a well equipt science lab. Wth latest laboratory gadgets, testing Equipments backed with 100% genset power Capable of accommodating 40students all a time

Smart Classes

A smart classroom has an instructor equipped with a personal computer, overhead projector, wireless internet access, DVD player and a smart board


The School Plans Educational tour & picnic for the students. They are taken to the places of historical importance , museums etc. in autumn break or any other suitable time in accodance with relevent rules.

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