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Minimum Attendence

A student will not be allowed to sit in the annual examination if he/shehas not put in a minimum of 80% attendence of the academic session.

Unit Tests

Four formative assessment in the months of June , August , November & January shall be conducted . It is an evaluation tool to record the progress of a student. A test is taken by the teacher when a study unit is completed . It is organised in a most informal manner in the class itself by subject teacher in their regular periods.

Progress Report

The progress report shall be sent by the academy to the guardians three in an academic session i.e. in August, November and March.

Assessment Rules

The Final assessment of the student for promotion shall be decided on the annual record . Through , weightage on medical ground is given , but the child concerned will not be given any rank .In case of absence no tests shall be taken at later stage.

Examination Schedule

Formative Assessment
  1. 1st Formative Test - 27th to 30th June
  2. 2nd Formative Test - 5th to 7th August
  3. 3rd Formative Test - 21st to 23rd November
  4. 4th Formative Test - 16th to 18th January
Summative Assessment
  1. 1st Summative Assessment - 19th to 30th September
  2. 2nd Summative Assessment - 2nd week of March

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